CodeIgniter User Guide Version 1.5.3

Security Helper

The Security Helper file contains security related functions.

Loading this Helper

This helper is loaded using the following code:


The following functions are available:


Provides Cross Site Script Hack filtering. This function is an alias to the one in the Input class. More info can be found there.


Permits you to create SHA1 or MD5 one way hashes suitable for encrypting passwords. Will create SHA1 by default. Examples:

$str = dohash($str); // SHA1

$str = dohash($str, 'md5'); // MD5


This is a security function that will strip image tags from a string. It leaves the image URL as plain text.

$string = strip_image_tags($string);


This is a security function that converts PHP tags to entities. Note: If you use the XSS filtering function it does this automatically.

$string = encode_php_tags($string);